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Your electric blanket and warming products store offering a complete selection of electric blankets / heated blankets, heated mattress pad covers / electric mattress pads, electric blanket throws, Thermophore heating pads, foot warmers, and heated pet beds.  We provide safe, comfortable and high quality electric blankets and warming products at affordable prices.

Whether you’re looking for an electric blanket or heated mattress pad for a good nights rest or wanting an electric throw or Thermophore heating pad for your convenient comfort or searching for heated pet beds, you’ll find everything you need at Electric Blanket Depot.

Great selection of electric blankets, foot warmers,
heated mattress pads and other warming products.
Satisfaction guaranteed

Why Buy From Electric Blanket Depot?

  • Great selection of electric blankets and warming products that are guaranteed to keep you and your pet warm and comfortable
  • Competitive Prices
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75.00 within the 48 contiguous states!
  • 30-Day Money Back Warranty
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Secure Online Ordering

At Electric Blanket Depot .com, you’ll find all your warming needs with comfort guaranteed.  Feel and enjoy the wonderful warmth offered with our wide selection of electric blankets and warming products including:

  • Electric blankets, heated mattress pads, electric mattress pads, heated blankets and foot warmers ensuring no more cold nights keeping you warm and feeling revitalized when you wake up
  • Electric throws providing convenient warmth and comfort anywhere in your home
  • Trucking Rig / Tractor Trailer and RV electric mattress pads providing convenient portable bed warmers (12 volt vehicle plug-in!)
  • Heating pads including Thermophore heating pad providing soothing heat relief to all parts of your body
  • Heated pet beds where your pet will love the gift of warm pet bedding offered with our wide selection of pet warmers including heated dog beds, heated cat beds and more

On top of the warmth and comfort you will experience with Electric Blanket Depot products, you can also save energy and heating costs!  Turning down your house furnace thermostat a few degrees and still stay warm and comfortable while you sleep can reduce heating costs.  An electric blanket, heated mattress pad, foot warmer and other warming products can pay for itself in a short time with energy savings!

We invite you to look at our site and find the electric blanket or warming product that best suits your needs.  Take a look at each warming product category and click on any link to see more information.

Thank you for visiting Electric Blanket!  Start shopping our products today!

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